Monday, August 11, 2008

A True Story!!!

This is a story of a who once wanted to be a tom boy and thought that pink and frilly things were weird!! So, she went through some months of trying to be as good as the boys in areas such as lifting things, being tough, and much more!! She didn't realize that God didn't want her to act like a boy, but that he wanted her to act like a gir, and to be the he wanted her to be!During this time her mom took her to a conference that was about being feminine! After that conference she realized that she wasn't being the person that God wanted her to be and she started to change her life to a more feminine type of life!! It was hard for her to do this because she was so attached to acting like a tom boy! Slowly she changed and started taking on feminine things such as cooking, sewing, art, scrapbooking, and more!!! She know wanting to be the person God made her to be and worked on acting like a young lady should act!!! Now she knew that being a lady didn't mean that she could never do anything hard, being a lady just means to act like one but to also fulfill some hard work as well! Sometimes she had to lift stuff that was heavy and she had to be tough in some ways, but in those ways she was still feminine!

This young lady is me!!! I have had a dramatic change in my life the last couple of years!!!! I am trying to act like the young lady I am supposed to be and sometimes its easy and sometimes its not!! I enjoy being a young lady better than trying to be a tom boy!! Know my room is even painted pink and is frilly!!!!!!

I hope you liked my true story!!!

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Allison said...

Wow Moriah, I didn't realize that!
I think the feminist movement has deeply influenced us into thinking we have to be as smart, tough, and everything else just like boys, and better! However, God made women differently, but in a good way!

I can't wait to see your room, it sounds so pretty...

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