Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pics of Hadassah and Me!

Hadassah has a t-shirt on that says " Spoiled Rotten at PetsMart"
Hadassah and I even had a bow in our hair!
You know what they say sooner or later we will look like our dogs!

Pics of My 13th Birhtday Party

Oh.. I want that piece!
Everybody get closer together!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pen Pal

I have a Pen Pal! Well, actually I have two pen pals. One of them is Kayla, we met at a mother daughter camp one or two years ago! The other is Miss Lue and I haven't met her, but my bubble twin has (Katie)! Having a Pen Pal is really fun! Miss Lue is a lot like me she loves to write, and she loves animals! Kayla is a lot like me too she likes pink and she likes horses!


Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been posting often I have been really busy! I have been writing a biblical worldview paper, going to the store for fabric for a pilgrim dress that my Mom and I are making, reading seven chapters in The Magicians Nephew in three days, and on top of that I have been sick! So, I have had an interesting week and a half, but I will try to post more often!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Unfortunately, I've been sick. I got sick Sunday night and my family and I suspect that it is because I rode a 4-Wheeler when it was cold with a light jacket on! It is nothing serious only a really bad sore throat, headache, and fever! I fortunately have gotten better but I still have a sore throat. I will be going to the doctor on November 20th.
Since, I have been sick I haven't been doing skirt week because I have been in my night clothes for three days, but I plan to do it starting on November 30 - December 6. I hope you can join me!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


If you have never met my family we are known for breaks. This summer I broke my arm (on , at church!) My brother broke his collar bone. (on , at church!) My dad also broke his foot.(BUT, not at church!) To put the icing on the cake my brother recently broke his arm on a 4-wheeler.I personally have had two buckle fracture's on my left arm and two breaks on my right.We need a break! (figuratively!) My mom is the only one that hasn't broken anything. It was a fun summer. NNNNOOOOTTTT!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cards That I Made!

The picture above is a baby card that I made!!!
The picture above is a baby card that I made!!!

How We Can Help!!!!

I have been thinking lately on how I can help my parents and friends! So, I came up with some ideas, since some day I will have to take care of my own home as a wife and mother!
1. If you see that your mom needs help in the kitchen, cleaning the house, taking care of a sibling, or anything, offer to help her with out her having to ask!
2. Same with your dad!!!! Help him out too!
3. Help your brother/sister in the things that they may not have time for!!! Like, if you are done writing an essay but your brother/sister isn't, do his/her chores!
4. Do your responsibilites! I have a hard time with this one! always want to scrapbook, e-mail, post on my blog, make bows, etc. before I do my chores! For me to someday be a wife and mother I can't do that!!!! I have to learn to do my responsibilites FIRST!
5. Ask a friend who is pregnant or having a hard time if you can help them in any way!

I am not saying that I am perfect in all of these ways! I really have to work on them, so let's do it together!
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