Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here isa pic of my friend (Katlyn) and me on Resserection Day!
At church Katlyn and me are known as "Bubble Twins" , because we both like bubbles.

Here is a pic of my family and me on Resserection Day! To the left is my brother, Zac and my mom, Debi. To the right is my dad, Donny and me, Moriah!

Here are some pics of me in a Vision Forum dress based on Nan Harper!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Story For Gods Glory!

I told you that I would share the amazing things that God has done in my life!!
Here is a story for Gods glory!

Last year I was really sick!! Now, I don't mean the flu sickness, I mean a sickness that no docter could tell what it was!!! The thing is I didn't get sick for three days or a week and then get better!!! I was sick for two weeks and then well for two weeks for a period of SIX MONTHS!!!!! It was serious! Some doctors thought it was cancer and others just thought it was the Flu!!!!
Luckily, it wasn't cancer!!!!! It was really bad! I couldn't go through one day without thinking about what I wanted my funeral to be like!!! I was really scared that I was going to die!!! My mom and family nursed me all the while and my mom would try to not cry in front of me! The two weeks that I would be well I didn't feel like I could do anything!! I would get tired easily and then at the end of two weeks I would crash again!!! Then we found this one docter that really cared about what was going on in my body, and he put me on strict diets that would help me get better! I was taking six pills three times a day!!! Then after months of doing diets, getting tons of shots, and taking lots of pills everyday, the sickness left!!!!! I have gone for over a year without the same sickness!!!!! We didn't understand how all of a sudden it left but we were so thankful to God!!!! In my eyes I am a living, breathing miracle of GOD!!!!! This is a story for Gods glory!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rebelution Conference

My family and I, along with some members from our church, recently went to a conference called "The Rebelution Conference" and the point of the conference was to "Do Hard Things". Going to this conference really made me realize that our world has really low expectations for us young s.
For instance, the younger s ( pre-teens ) are expected to:
1. Make there bed ever day!
2. To clean their room with mom or dads help!
3. To be able to anwser a phone!
These are the low expectations of our world!!
For older young s ( teens ):
1. To do a daily chore ( just one a day! )
2. Check to make sure that the gas gauge stays above a quarter of a tank!
3. To clean their room without mom or dads help!
THESE ARE REALLY LOW EXPECTATIONS!!!! We should be doing much harder things!
In the bible people become king at a very early age! George Washington lead a group of men to victory as a child!!! We really need to have higher expectations! So, I am going to take up a challenge of not watching television for a month starting August first! If you would like to join me in this challenge be my guest. You don't even have to do it for a month and you don't even have to do it with the television. You can do it with anything!!! For example, you can do it for a week and give up your computer time. Now, I know that this isn't leading a group of men to victory, but I am going to start doing HARD things!!!!! I also want to cook for a whole week for my family and me. That is going to be HARD!!!
If you are interested in finding out more about the "Do Hard Things" movement you can purchase the book just about anywhere. You can also go to the website at If you can't get to a conference I would recommend ordering the DVD's. You won't be disappointed!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Here Are Some Pics of Our Animals

This is Hadassah our newly added Poodle
This is Gideon our Jack Russel Terrier
This is Delilah my Black/Gray Tabby cat
And this is Boaz our Black Lab mix
Designed by Lena