Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moving to the Country, step 2.

Well, we can't decide if we want to put a contract on the house we are currently looking at or buy property and build a house. (Either way we go, it will cost a lot of money.) The bad thing about buying and building is we would be starting from scratch. We wouldn't have a barn, garage or a pool already done. The bad thing about buying the house that we are currently looking at is it would be a ton of work. (We would have a couple bonn fires that's for sure!!) Please be praying that God would guide us in this difficult decision. Thanks!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merriest Chirstmas!!

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!
On Christmas Eve we woke up and cleaned. (That wasn't the fun part!) Then at around 6:00 P.m. we went to my Aunt's house! I was a little bored for awhile and then my really fun cousin arrived!! The cool thing about her is that even though she is technically an Adult she acts like a young adult! She is just loads of fun! Once she got there we opened gifts and I got a picture board and some cash! Then we just talked and enjoyed each others company! (Which her and I can only do once a year because we only see each other on Christmas Eve.) Then we had to head home. (It was like 12:30 in the morning!)
Christmas Day was a blast! We all woke up to a beautiful day and said "Merry Christmas" to
each other! Then of course we opened our presents. I got a lot of jewelry making stuff, a sewing machine tote etc., some DVDs, some scrapbooking stuff, and a Clue DVD game!! Oh, and my sister's gave me a Micheal's gift card and some Oklahoma sticker's! After opening presents, we ate breakfast which was Mom's Sticky Bun's!! (It is a tradition to have Sticky Bun's for Breakfast on Christmas Day!) Then we watched some movie's and spent some time toghether! What would Christmas be like without the Christmas Story so, my Dad read the story out of his new ESV bible we got him for Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008


A question some people might ask is, What are devotions?
Well, devotions are a time that you spend with God. I personally, like to do my devotions in the morning but you can do them whenever you like.
Another question some people might ask is, What do you do for devotions?
There are a lot of devotion books out there that will have you read a paragraph or two, then give you some verses to look up, and then they'll have you pray a written prayer. I have done a few of these, and they are really good, but I like to do my devotions this way!
I like to read a chapter in the bible then, I write down what I learned in that chapter and ask the Lord to help me apply it to my life, after that I pray!
Doing devotions is important! When you do devotions you are telling God that you will take time out of your day to spend time with him. Also, when I do devotions compared to not doing them, I have a much better day when I do them

A Very Fun Day!

A couple of days ago we went to an awesome Christmas party, in the country! When we got there my friend took me on a horseback riding lesson! (That was FUN!) After that, we played none stop volleyball. (I also helped watch some of the little kids.) Then we had a really good dinner, such as, hot dogs, veggies, and a lot of dessert's! Then we hung around talking. After that, we went on a hayride! Then we played even more volleyball. Last but not least, we had some delicious s'mores!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hey everybody,
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We went to my aunts house and stuffed ourselves! We usually go to my grandparents house, but unfortunately their house was destroyed in hurricane Ike. (They lived in seabrook, right by the water!) Anyway, before we left my house my friend called me and asked if I could play, but at the moment I couldn't. While at my aunts house I was getting bored because I was the only there! ( All of my cousins are boys!) So, with permission from my parents I called my friend back and went over to play at her house! I have been thinking of somethings that I am great full for and here they are:
1. That God kept my family and I safe during hurricane Ike!
2. That God has given me such a wonderful family and such wonderful friends!
3. I am thankful for my animals! (Boaz, Gideon, Hadassah, Delilah, Sampson, and Mr. France!)
,And Last but Not Least,
4. I am thankful for God's love for us!
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