Monday, April 12, 2010

My Life This Past Week

I know I haven' posted much in the last few months. (Hopefully that will change soon!) In this post I'm going to let you see a little bit of my life at present. Maybe, just maybe it will explain why I haven't been posting much. I'm going to show you my schedule from Arpil 4-10. Let's begin.

Sunday April 4-
As you probably well know April 4 was Easter Sunday. My Mom and I had been working on some skirts that we had one week to sew. Thankfully they were both done by Sunday! :-) I woke up and pulled myself out of bed, did my morning responsibilities, got dressed for church, did some last minute refinements in my room, and left for church. After church we had a family over for fried shrimp. :-) (That's why I did a few refinements in my room!) We had lots of fun and the food was great.

Monday April 5-
Monday is always a hard day for us especially in the Spring. On Monday morning my brother and I go to piano class just a few minutes from our house. So, yet again I yanked myself out of bed, got ready for the day, did my morning responsibilities, and practiced my piano before class. Then my brother and I loaded into the car and drove to class. (My brother has his driver's license now. So cool!) After an hour of piano we came home, ate lunch, and did schoolwork. That's pretty much our average Monday.

Tuesday April 6-
Tuesday was a normal day. Wake up, get your school work done, do your chores, eat three meals when you find the time too :-), hang out with the family in the evening, and go to bed. As I said, it was a normal day.

Wednesday April 7-
Wednesday was a race against time. (Guess who won...if you guessed time you're correct!) I woke up and it seemed like it was going to be our normal Wednesday. The only thing different from most of our Wednesday's was the fact that we had a WoG (Woman Of Grace) meeting at our church that evening. About thirty minutes to an hour after I woke my Mom received an e-mail from a friend asking if I could baby-sit her 22 month old why she went to run some errands. After a ten minute discussion my Mom replied saying that I would love too. To make a long story short I baby-sat at somebody else's house, by myself for the first time! :-) Once I got home a did some school and got ready for our ladies meeting. It was an eventful Wednesday.

Thursday April 8-
Thursday was like Tuesday. If you want to read about what I did on Thursday re-read what I did on Tuesday! :-)

Friday April 9-
As I have mentioned in previous posts I am in a homeschool choir. This choir is held approx. an hour away from our house. My mom scheduled family pictures to be taken of us in the late morning and our choir meeting is in early afternoon. We went to the picture place, :-), and were done in time to gulp down some lunch and head for choir. It was a fun and exhausting day.

Saturday April 10-
Saturday's are our "work on the house day". When we woke up in the morning we were all exhausted from our hectic week. So, we took the day off! It was a much needed rest day. Ahhhhh!

I'm proud to report that I will be baby-sitting the same 22 month old every other week! :-) I'm so excited! If you couldn't already tell! :-) I will post the pictures of the skirts my mom and I wore Easter Sunday as soon as possible.


Taylor said...

Wow, you've been busy! =)

kittikat said...

Dear Moriah,
Sounds like a perfectly HECTIC week!!! I really, really, REALLY dislike when it's hectic around here- so in that way, Summer is my favorite season!!

I love your new blog design and your family picture is lovely!

Moriah said...

Cool!! I LOVE your header!

And I awarded you!

jt said...

Hey Moriah! You do sound busy, but it also sounds like you have many exciting opportunities these days!

This week I found out a few CMT people were on Facebook, and I wondered how you were doing these days, so after some searching around I found your blog! Glad to see that things are going well. (And that you've discovered the Lord of the Rings - I love those books and movies. :)

I've been quite busy the last few months - I finished graduate school last year, but had difficulty finding a job until recently. In March, I started working for a computer security company. It's been pretty nifty so far, but it also involved moving to northern Virginia! Still getting settled, but it is pretty cool to be just outside of DC. :)

Anyway, hopefully I'll see you at CMT again this year - not entirely sure yet if I'll be there, but I certainly hope I will be! Keep the focus!

Joey Tyson

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