Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One More Week!!

Ahhhh! I have one more week of NO TV! It been interesting and challenging. I have often found myself doing nothing except wishing I could watch TV, and I almost gave in! The only reason I didn't give in is because I had posted on my blog about the challenge!! I must say, I have done a lot more reading. I am currently reading Great Excpectations, Beautiful Girlhood, and Assumptions that Effect our Lives. Books are a whole lot more interesting than most movie's! Although, I have been craving to watch some movie's such as: The Lord of the Rings! I am really craving ACTION movie's!


Allison said...

You're doing a great job! Keep persevering! God will give you His grace to do this hard thing!

When Luke, Katie and I took our technology free week, we enjoyed talking more, playing more games and just being together. You don't realize how much time you have on your hands until you break from your typical habits/hobbies! Likewise when I breaked from computer for a month I ended up with more time on my hands. It's very helpful to make yourself a schedule to keep you busy. If not I want to sit around and feel bored!

One encouragement though. When you go back to TV, try not to relapse into old habits. It's incredibly easy to do after missing it for a long time! The reason we took "breaks" from technology that we spent much time on is to find other more productive things to do. Then you realize how much there really is to do and how wasteful you normally spend your time! I'm not in any way pointing fingers at you--but at me!! I have no idea what or how much TV you watch. For me it's more of a challenge to be self-controlled with the computer, because I rarely watch TV or movies.
May God bless your efforts!

Moriah said...

Thanks Allison, for the encouragment! You're right about getting into the bad habbits, again! It's very easy.

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