Saturday, February 20, 2010

Awakening Love Before Its Time

What does it mean to awaken love before its time? How can I be awakening love? What can I do to stop it? What's so important about it? This post goes along the lines of purity except instead of liking someone you are awakening something. Don't get me wrong, awakening love can eventually lead to liking/loving somebody prematurely. But lets go back to the first question, what does it mean to awaken love before its time? It simply means that you are letting emotions take hold of your heart and life before you should. The world has told us that it's alright to like a guy when you're in kindergarten. Thus, it spirals into a premature love when in your teen years. Okay, on to the next two questions. How can I be awakening love? What can I do to stop it? Awakening love is an easy thing to do. You can awaken love by watching TV, reading a book, talking to friends, listening to music, and so on.
Watching TV can awaken love in the blink of an eye. If you are watching a romance movie or chick flick you can pretty much guarantee that a piece of love will awaken. Reading a book can also awaken love very quickly.
Reading romance novels is very dangerous!! They will build discontentment in your heart over time, and soon you will be asking yourself why you haven't experienced that kind of love, or what's so bad about a little kiss? Be careful! Don't fall into the enemies temptation. Resist discontentment. I am reading Love Comes Softly, but let me assure you that it is under a microscope. :) I have talked with friends and family about Janette Oke books. I have a very good friend that is a few years older than me who has read them. She liked them and said that they didn't bother her in awakening love before its time. BUT, let me warn you as she warned me. Every girl is different, just because they didn't awaken love in her doesn't mean they won't in me, so keep it under close speculation.
Talking to friends and listening to music can also be dangerous. There is a saying that says, choose your friends wisely. That is what you need to do. Don't hang around friends that are always talking about how cute he/she was, or spreading the boy friend/girl friend gossip of the neighborhood around. Music is another powerful tool that Satan can use against us. I really like music, but I need to guard what music I listen to. Love songs can awaken love before you know it. Avoid these types of music! Listen to music that glorifies our Maker! :) Prayer, reading God's word, and reading books that will help you grow spiritually will help you a lot in your fight against awakening love prematurely.
What's so important about it? What this question means is why do I have to keep this love asleep? Well, you are special and precious in God's eyes. He wants you to save yourself for who he has for you! Wouldn't it be awesome to look into your spouses eyes on that special day when you say "I Do" and be able to say with a clear conscious and a clean heart that you saved everything for him/her! :) What an amazing thought!


Eldarwen said...

Great post, Moriah! =D Loved it! ;)


Näna said...

Great thought. I am so thankful to my parents for monitoring everything (I read and watch) for me, and laying out guidelines for me.

kittikat said...

Dear Moriah,
What a beautifully written post!! Have you ever read the book by Eric and Leslie Ludy titled "When Dreams Come True"? It's about their love story, their struggle with purity. She writes that she never physically gave herself, but emotionally, and mentally did so. It's reallya great story for any young lady, or gentleman for that matter!
P.S. I started a blog about being a Christian girl in today's world. If your interested, here is the URL:

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