Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm a hobbit! Who are you?

I'm a Hobbit!

Though technically not your own race, you represent what's most enjoyable and best in the Lord of the Rings world. Your love, spirit and selflessness are unsurpassed among your Middle Earth brethren.

Which Lord of the Rings race are you?

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Marissa said...

when took the quiz I was a hobbit, then a dwarf then an Elf. I liked the Elf better so that's the one I put on my blog. :D

Cool blog! It's always for to find another lord of the rings fan :D
And thanks for commenting on my blog!


Moriah said...

I was a human first. Which I guess isn't bad, but they make humans sound so bad in LotR. So I did it again and was a Hobbit. Yeah, it is cool to find LotR fans!

Elrania said...

I'm an elf! I've gotten elf on every quiz I've taken! :)

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