Monday, April 6, 2009

Ressurection Day Poem.

Satan tried to ruin mankind,
and God's salvation plan,
by filling with great evil,
the hearts and minds of man.

But Yahweh got the upper hand,
and destroyed them with a flood,
then sent to us His only Son
to redeem us with His blood.

Satan thought he'd won again,
when they buried Christ one day;
but three days hence, three women saw
the stone had been rolled away.

His body wasn't in the tomb,
angels sat where He'd been laid.
And as they stared in horror,
this is what one angel said:

"Why do you seek Him here when
He's risen as Yahweh said?
He's out amongst the living;
your Redeemer is not dead!"

Yeshua had to shed His blood,
then be raised to life again,
for without a resurrection,
we'd have all died in our sins!

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great post!!!

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