Thursday, April 23, 2009

Will you wait for your Prince (King)?

I personally have made a commitment to wait for the man God has for me.
I'm going to wait, however long I must wait, for the man God has for me. Just like Arwen went back, to her fathers house, to wait for Aragorn, I will stay under my fathers roof, until God calls me out. Will you?


Rachel M. said...

I will wait for God's perfect timing, for the one He has for me. God's plan is always the very best plan and in that waiting time, to pray for the one the Lord has for you and be thankful for the time God gives you to prepare. (:

God bless, dear sister in Christ, and I will pray for you as you wait as well. (:

Moriah said...

Thanks! You hit it right on the ball. Not only do we need to wait but we need to pray! I also will pray for you, dear sister in Christ!

Rachel M. said...

Thank you, Moriah. (:

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