Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Party

No, I haven't skipped three birthdays! This is my brother's birthday cake and presents! On November 28th we headed out the door for a party! My big brother's party. No, we weren't going alone. We invited a few families to join us! We were going to a local park to play soccer and have hot dogs for my brother's 17th birthday party.
This is my dad grilling some hot dogs.
The birthday boy, himself!
Worn out!
It was fun to have a few dad's and a mom playing!

Taking a break and getting some Gatorade.
Come here ball!
Sorry it's a bit blurred.
I think I'll try to take it.
Take it! Get it! Do something, somone!!!
Zac has the ball.......
Oh, Leah's trying to take it......
Yay, Leah was victorious and got the ball!!!!!!! Go, Leah, Go!
This is Josh, one of our really good friends, he is the goalie in this picture.
Zac's homemade birthday cake.
This is me playing with the lighter. mwwwaaahhhaaa!!!! My friends were staying away from me, because I had a mischievous look on my face.
Here is a picture of the birthday boy! 17 years old.


Moriah said...

sound's like you had fun!

Taylor said...

That was so funny! I saw that your Dad was wearing his Fort Rock shirt! I loved the pictures! I would also stay away from you with that look on your face and a lighter in your hand. RUN!

Calico Zak said...

Wow that sounds like fun.
Do you play soccer that often? If you do I would suggest investing in Kleets they REALLY help, although if you run over a sudden rise in the field there is a good possibility in Jamming your leg(speaking from experience here OUCH!).

Also you look VERY mischievous. And is that I marker in your hands?

~Calico Zak

Taylor said...

I just noticed that your brother is wearing a Texas Longhorns hat! This is an outrage! Don't try to force you religion on others, I will not look at this propaganda!

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