Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Belated Post

In my Christmas post I told you that I would post about my Christmas morning. I know its been a while since Christmas, but here it goes......
Of course, in order for Christmas morning to progress I had to get out of bed. So I got out of bed, got ready for the day, and walked into the living room. We weren't able to open gifts right away because we were taking care of some friends' goats and dogs. While the men were off to take care of that responsibility, the women were at home cooking breakfast and answering all the "Merry Christmas" phone calls. When the men finally returned we opened our gifts. My parents insisted on my brother and I opening first. This Christmas wasn't like normal Christmases. My brothers gift and my gift were in the same box. So, as we tore into the paper we began to realize what it might be!!!! My brother had been saving for a djembe for quite some time and I had been wanting a beginner harp. To our surprise, a djembe and a harp were in the box! All my brother could say was "NO WAY...NO WAY... NO WAY!!!!!!" I was completely speechless! We love our gifts and will be eternally grateful. Next were my parents. I gave my mom a scrapbooking thingy she had been wanting, and I gave my dad a Home Depot gift card inside of a Malt Ball Candy box. (Yes, the malt balls were still inside the box....minus a couple ;) ) I gave my brother some money, by his wishing, inside of a series of boxes that keep getting smaller and smaller! Mwhhhaaa!!
After gifts we read the Bible, and watched the Nativity Story. We then got prepared for some friends that were coming over.
Here is a picture of my harp!


Michelle said...

What a wonderful Christmas y'all had!! I love the harp! Maybe I can hear you play it some day. :)

Moriah said...

Wow! Awesome!

Taylor said...

Beautiful harp! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Debi said...

I'm thankful that God provided the ability to get you a harp. Use it's beautiful tones to glorify HIM. Love you, Mom

Nana said...

Cool. I have always thought that a harp was a beautiful instrument.



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