Monday, January 4, 2010

Purity -- Part Two

In the last Purity post I left you with an un-answered question. How can a commitment to Purity be a freedom? What I mean is a freedom from the bondage of sin, and a freedom from the ungodly ways of the world. I have explained my commitment and why I made the commitment, now let me explain additional things.
I love the fact that I am saving my first kiss etc. for the man that God is preparing for me, God willing. I have been to a few weddings and know a few people who have done the same and their wedding was richly blessed and was a testimony to others. This commitment is pleasing in God's eyes. Words cannot express my overwhelming joy in thinking that I am pleasing God with this commitment! But my brothers and sisters in Christ, others may not understand why you would even think about entering into such a commitment. I have been asked many, many times if I have a boyfriend and my answer remains the same. 'No, I am not ready to get married and therefore I don't need a "boyfriend" and besides I am waiting on Gods timing.' And trust me, Satan will do everything in his power to break down your commitment, but you must stay strong. Rely on God and pray. Stay the course!
Don't think for a second that your commitment means nothing. It mean everything! Besides you never know when God may call upon you to share your commitment with others as He has done with me.


Maiden of Purity said...


That is a very lovely post! Yes, the thought of waiting for my beloved and giving him the very first kiss is all so precious and pure! It is something very beautiful and romantic, keeping the commitment to God and to ourselves is so amazing, a story we'll have to tell others some day. Just allowing God to have the pen and be the Author of your love story. Earlier today as I was in Wal-Mart, I saw a little necklace which said quite rediculous and disturbing, "Make sure your future happens like you want it to by creating it!" That got me to think that our world is telling us to pick out the right spouse and do it all by ourselves etc., sad! Great post and God bless!


Debi said...

You are amazing my sweet daughter. I praise God for moving on your heart to be HIS and to keep one of your most precious gifts, your first kiss, for the one HE is preparing for you! My heart is richly blessed by yours.
Love, Mom

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