Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Award and A Tag

Thanks Zac for awarding me with A Child of the King Award! I will award: Katie, Caleb, and Callie!

Piano or Violin? Well, since I don't know how to play the Violin yet, Piano.

Puppy or Full grown dog? Definitely puppy!

Cat of Kitten? Kitten although Cat's are fun to.

Milk chocolate or White? Way to hard, both!

Blogger or Gmail? BOTH!

Chicken or Ham? Chicken

(for the girls) Washing the dishes or Washing clothes? Clothes.

English or Math? English.

Tomato's or Potatoes? Both

This one is weird. Shot in your mouth or on your arm? Hm... i have to go with mouth because a shot in the mouth doesn't hurt as bad a shot in the arm, but neither are that bad!

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