Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Kingdom's Dawn book #1
Kingdom's Hope book #2
Kingdom's Edge book #3
Kingdom's Call book #4
Kingdom's Quest book #5
Kingdom's Reign book #6

I have finished Kingdom's Reign thus finishing all six Kingdom books. These books are AMAZING! (I'm not exaggerating) There's suspense, excitement, loyalty, sadness, joy, love, good, evil, and well if you like swords and medieval type stuff these are the books for you! These are by far MUST READS! I HIGHLY suggest you read these wonderful books by Chuck Black.

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Nana said...

I've just finished Kindoms Dawn. It was soooo good! Reminds me of another series I read called the Teresstiral (don't think that is spelles right) chronicles. Have you checked out the series call the knights of Arrethtrae? If you have let me know what you though! I was thinking about ordering them...
Have a great day!

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