Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twelve Things

I've been tagged by Eldarwen. Thanks Eldarwen! With this tag I'm supposed to tell you twelve things that I enjoy doing or things that I enjoy. So, lets begin....

~1~ I enjoy spending time in books that help me grow spiritual. Example: The Bible, A Young Woman's Walk with God, Do Hard Things, etc.

~2~ I enjoy singing. I started choir a few weeks ago. It has developed a whole new love for singing.

~3~ I enjoy writing. I am writing a book about a virtuous daughter right now.

~4~ I enjoy horseback riding. This is a true passion of mine.

~5~ I enjoy going to our family integrated church. Learning about God, and spending time with your family and friends, what better thing is there?

~6~ I enjoy spending time with my family. Family worship, playing Wii, talking, riding amusement park rides, shopping, you name it!

~7~ I enjoy going to the beach with family and friends. Going to the beach with some church friends and with your family is really fun!

~8~ I enjoy baking and cooking. I personally think that being in the kitchen is really fun!

~9~ I enjoy being around animals. Being around God's creatures is so cool. My favorites are a dog, cat, and horse.

~10~ I enjoy going to tea rooms with my mom, going on date's with my dad, and driving to piano class with my brother. (My brother has a license.)

~11~ I enjoy being out in the country.

~12~ I enjoy sewing.

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Nana said...

I just noticed that the picture on your side bar of Arwen (LOTRs right?)looks so much like my little sister Emma. Again, I have not seen LOTR, just noticed that. Reading your description she sounds like Emma too.

Moriah said...

Yes, it is Arwen from LotR! Really...cool.

Taylor said...

Wow, she looks different that she does on the movie. I guess on the movie, she never really smiles.

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