Saturday, September 12, 2009


Queen Lucy Fan Award! I award this to: Lucy
Queen Susan Fan Award! I award this to: Lucy
Horses Freedom Award! I award this to: Elrania


Lucie Manette said...


Nana said...

Hores's Freedom Award???? I'm it a book or movie???
Very curious,

Moriah said...

Horse's Freedom Award isn't from a book or movie.
I love seeing a horse run free with no harness, bridle, saddle and all that good stuff! So, that's what it means.

Nana said...

Thanks Moriah! Just wondering. I have never been a big fan of horses. Not that I have any things against them, just never been a fan. Congrats on the awards!
p.s. I will be away on vacation for the next three weeks, so don't think that I have dropped off the planet!
I'll get caught up on reading your post as soon as I get back! Oh, and my blog has just gone public if you would like to stop by.

Eruanna said...

Nice awards!

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