Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Devotions, what's that? I time that you spend with God, seeking Him.
Here's what I do for my devotions:
~Read the Bible
~Read A Young Woman's Walk with God

Devotions shouldn't be something you put on your chore list, it's a time to spend with your Savior and King, and a time to grow in God. I have found that when I don't do devo's (devotions) in the morning or I don't do it that day, my day is horrible with tons of obstacles, but when I do devo's my day is better. God will reward those who follow and seek Him! I do have those day's were I've done devo's but I still have a horrible day, but that's just a way to grow and trust that God will help you through that time. Satan will through things into our path so that we won't spend time with God. We can't let that stop us from spending time with the one who sent His only son to die for us! Give God a portion of your day were all your thinking about is Him! Devotions isn't something we can only do in the morning or at night. When were doing something we can stop and pray or read the Bible and seek God! I like doing my devo's in the morning because I'm starting the day off with God, but you can do them any time in the day.


Allison said...

I agree... when my time with the Lord is short and more of a "gotta get this done" I realize that I'm more likely to be grumpy or easily irritated because I'm not relying on the strength of the Lord.

It's good to meditate on God's Word "day and night", although I do believe it's important to make it the first thing you do each day, because that shows that God is most important to you.
Gotta run, so my comment is cut short!

emii said...

I usually spend time with God at night...I'd really like a devotion book, but I'm sort of struggling to find one that suits me...


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