Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goals/Plans for the Summer

A lot of people take of school for the Summer. Well I'm not, and I don't mind that much. I mean why would you want to have nothing to do except burn up outside. I would rather not have a lot of schoolwork in the holiday months, than in the Summer. Anyways, I'm doing school during the Summer, working on our house (so that we can sell it), doing some fun stuff with family and friends, finish and start good books, and whatever the Lord has in plan! :) I just hope that no one in my family brakes anything this Summer! Last summer, my Dad, my brother and I all broke a bone in two months time. Talk about bad luck! My dad broke his foot, my brother broke his collarbone, and I broke my arm again. We are know as the broken bone family. My brother and I are very well acquainted with the local hospital. I've broken my arms four times! (twice on each arm) OUCH! Anyway, my goal for this summer is to not brake anything! :)


Marissa said...

Wow! 4 times!
I only thing I've ever done was sprain and ankle.

Rachel M. said...

Four times is a lot! I pray that you all do not break anything this summer. (:

How are you feeling?

Love in Him,
Rachel M.

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