Monday, June 8, 2009


Alright, the person who made this movie ruined it by adding in these 'romantic' scenes!
I really hate the last scene in Narnia. (ugh) It's horrible. When The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came out, Susan was my favorite character, now she's not. What was the point in kissing Caspian if she was going to leave anyway. She should have left it at I prefer to be left alone. I have to admit, when I first saw the movie I thought Aw that's sweet. Then I thought wait, what am I saying! It's not sweet it's stupid! Have you ever thought of how many times they had to re-shoot that scene? (I don't even want to know.) Anyway, I believe in saving your first kiss for the alter. For the man who God has for you, and not on another girls (future) husband.


Rachel M. said...

I totally agree with you, dear sister! Why they had to put that scene in there, probably to get more people to want to see it or something who like those scenes..And I agree that our first and only kiss should be saved for our future husbands.

~Rachel M.

Moriah said...

I think they put that scene in there to hollywoodize it, but also to give most people that enjoyment. It wasn't an enjoyment for me. Thanks fro commenting.

Anonymous said...

Ditto! I agree!

Merilwen said...

Exactly! It made me SICK! I'm like, 'WHAT? That was POINTLESS!'.

Miss Monica June said...

I can't believe that they had to put it on there either!! But I do agree to save your first kiss for your future husband :)

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