Friday, August 21, 2009


Anthony and me at our house! Anthony is my two year old nephew! This was the first time I had seen him since April.
Isn't he so cute!
Anthony playing pool!
Anthony and me at the pool! He loved the water!

Chuck E. Cheeses had a play set thing, and boy did he like it! I had to go through it with him around 10-15 times.
Anthony with a mouse nose! *Ahh....*
This is my mom playing an intense game at Chuck .E Cheeses!
He had sooooo much fun at Chuck E. Cheeses!


Maiden of Purity said...

Hey, by the way, I love your layout this time! Beautiful! And as for those pictures, he is a cute little fellow! :) So, is that your big sister in the last picture...I'm assuming?!!!


Bracie said...

I have a blog now! Will you come and see, Moriah?

Hannah said...

Aw! He is so cute! :)

You look like your mom. Just a random thing I noticed. :D


Eldarwen Failariel said...

OH my! He is so cute!!!

It looks like you two had a good time together.

~Eldarwen Failariel~

Eldarwen Failariel said...

Hey, I'm having a "Caption Competition" at my blog. The winner gets a "Ring Bearer Award" that I made myself. Please visit and check it out! Thanks!

~Eldarwen Failariel~

Lucie Manette said...

Wow! How is it to have nephew at what 14, 15??? ;)

Moriah said...

Maiden of Purity- Yes that is my sister, Natasha, in the last picture.

Bracie- Yes I will come visit your new blog.

Hannah- My mom and I say thank you! Most people say I look like my grandmother when she was a teen. I'm glad you said I look like my mom.

Eldawen- Yes we get along really well! I'll check it out.

Lucie- WOW! Well, I'm not 14 yet but I will be in a week or two. It is a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, he is so cute! I hope you had a good time!

Nana said...

I just stopped by from Lucie's blog. You sound like a very nice girl and i look foward to getting to know you better. I am the second oldest of 7 and I just LOVE IT! I am homeschooled and love my LORD and King.
There is a family in our church who has nine children. There youngest is 9 and has been an uncle since he was 5. Isn't that cool! My youngest sister Ellie is 1and when my older sister (18) has children Ellie will probibley only be about 8!
My blog is private but you can just leave me comments here, or email me at

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