Saturday, August 1, 2009

Running/P.E. Class

More running!
This is Callie. I got this pic of her when she wasn't suspecting it, but it turned out GREAT!
This was a fun pic. Although the sun was right in our eyes!
This is Caleb!
This is me!

Running/P.E. class has been fun! So far I can jog a mile in 12 minutes with no stops! :)


Spottedstar said...

thanks for the help!!!

veronica elise said...

I love P.E. I also love to run!!

Lucie Manette said...

Wow. A mile in 12 minutes!

I just saw your post about the practical jokes...So hilarious...I was Mum called from the next room to make sure I wasn't choking on something...LOVE THEM!!!

I actually do walk and talk to myself...oh, and hum. Especially when I'm shopping. So if you hear songs coming from the next aisle at StuffMart (excuse me, WAL-Mart), come and say "Did you hear that?" to which, of course, I'll say "What?"

Eruanna said...


Callie said...

I so sad we're almost done. :(

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