Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pics from THSC

Thursday- Rachel, Leah and I all wore the same skirts on Thursday, for the CMT meeting! It was really cool. Leah's on the right, Rachel's on the Left, and I'm in the middle!
Friday- After a hard days work, as Pippin would put it, we all went on the water taxi which was really fun!
Josh, one of our really good friends, put three hats on! **laughs**
We were all supposed to be looking and I thought we were. Haha! it's Josh, me, Leah, Rachel, Jaden, then Zac. Josh, Zac and me looked! Way to go us!
Once we got back from the water taxi we all decided to go swimming before we went to bed! It was lots of fun!
Saturday- I'm the one with the gray hat in the background! This was when the kids did all the songs and memory verses for there parents!
Me in my station!
Zac, my brother, in his station.

The last night there we all decided to go out to eat! **yum**


Lindsay said...

Hey Moriah,
I just wanted to let you know that I've awarded you! :)

~ Blessings,

Michelle said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pics! Looks like y'all had a great time!

P.S. did I mention yet that I LOVE your matching skirts?!? ;)

Eruanna said...

Cool! Thanks for the comment!

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