Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I've been having some fun with Picasa! I made the following awards!
The Music Lover award! I award this to: Leah, Josh, and Zac!
The loves to read award! I award this to: Lucie
Maiden of God award! I award this to; Maiden of Purity, Katie, Allison, Moriah, and Leah.
Proud to be a Homeschooler award! I award this one to: Zac, Josh, Callie, Leah, Caleb, Allison,
Katie, and all homeschoolers!
This blog belongs to Christ award! I really like this one! I award this one to: Zac


Katie said...

Thanks Moriah!

Anonymous said...


Moriah said...


Maiden of Purity said...

Mighty kind of you Moriah! Thanks! It's funny because all of the rewards I get are from you! I feel honored! :)

Hannah said...

Nice awards. :)


Leah said...

Thanks Mojo! :)

Calico Zak said...

Nice awards
I tag you

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