Friday, May 22, 2009

Another tag!

Echoes of mercy is letting anyone who wants to do the tag do it! Here it goes....

How long have you been blogging? Awhile

Do you like blogging? OF COUSE!

How many followers do you have? 28

How many blogs are you following? A LOT!

What is your favorite blog? No Comment!

Who is one of your best blogging buddies? No Comment!

Who is the most random blogger? All fantasy loving blogger's! Although, it's good.

Who is the sweetest blogger? Most of my followers.

What blogger are you most like? Me, that's all I can be!

Who is your best LotR blogging buddy? All, Lotr peps!

Who do you think is the most LotR obsessed? All Lotr peps!

Who is the Narnia obsessed blogger? Lyceria

Who is your favorite Blog writer? No comment!

What blog do you visit most often? I don't keep track

What blog is the most encouraging? The Godly blogs

Do you like YOUR blog? Yes.

Anyone can have the tag!

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