Monday, May 18, 2009

Lotr tag!

Elvina from Measures of grace said that I could do this tag. Le Hannon, Elvina! Anyone who likes Lotr can do it, aswell!

Do you like Lord of the Rings? Yes!:)

Is it your favorite movie? Of course!

What's your favorite out of the trilogy? Way too hard to decide!

Do you believe it has an allegory? I guess?


Female? Arwen by far!

Horse? Shadowfax

Location? Rivendell

Hobbit? Sam

Elf? Legolas

Human? Aragorn

Dress/Gown? Arwen's blood red dress, and Eowyn's white gown!

Battle? Helm's Deep

Quote? "What about side by side with an friend?" and "There is still hope."

Scene? Too hard to decide! all the movie!

Piece of Jewelry? The Evenstar, of course!


Aragorn VS Legolas? Aragorn

Frodo VS Sam? Sam

Merry VS Pippin? Pippin!

Legolas VS Gimli? Legolas

Arwen VS Galadriel? Arwen

Arwen VS Eowyn? Arwen

Eowyn VS Eomer? Eowyn

Eomer VS Theoden? Eomer

Arwen VS Aragorn? They soon become husband and wife, they are as one, so both!:)

Arwen VS Legolas? Ugh! Both.

Legolas VS Haldir? Legolas

Boromir VS Faramir? Faramir

Smeagol VS Gollum? Smeagol


Book or Movie? Haven't read the book yet so, movie! (Extended version.)


Elrania Peredhil said...

I'll do this tag as soon as I get the chance!

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY extended version! =D

Moriah said...

Hello. My name is Moriah to! I'm a christian also. And I thinck your blog is very awesome.

Elizabeth J. said...

Very interesting tag! Moriah, thanks for commenting on my blog-I appreciate it.

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