Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A book tag!


I created this tag, aswell as the movie tag. The steps for this tag are the same as the other, with a little tweaking.

1. Get tagged!

2. Go to and find pics of your top five favorite books.

3. Post pics on blog and tag others.

Who I've tagged:

Well, anyone who's a book worm, or fan! :)


Elvina said...

Yeah, you can do the Narnia tag!:)

Moriah said...

YEAH!!!! Thanks!

Marissa said...

(: Cool tag! I'm going to do it asap

Rachel M. said...

I love the Elsie Dinsmore series!
And the Bridge Called Hope book. Love those. (:

Rachel M. said...

Oh, and I almost forgot! How could I do this?

My favorite is my Bible. (:

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