Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Movie tag!


I created this tag, although I'm sure it's been created before! :) Here are the directions:

1. Get tagged!

2. Pic your top six favorite movies.

3. Go to and search for pics of them.

4. Post pics (from greatest favorite - least favorite) on your blog.

5. Tag 10 people, or say whoever is a movie fan can have the tag.

Who I've tagged:

1. Caleb from ember island

2. Earwen from thoughts of a shieldmaiden

3. Elvina from measures of grace

4. Alissa from echoes of mercy

5. Marrisa from a peek into my life

6. Lyceria from a day in the life

7. Elrania Peredhil from the life of a horse loving elf girl

8. Zac from living for him

9. Merilwen from the road goes ever on

10. Rachel M. from hope journey

Also, if there are any movie lovers I missed, you can do the tag!


Caleb said...

I'm surprised you use google. I'm not allowed to use it, but I'll list my favorite movies. :)

Moriah said...

Yes, I use Google, or Ask. Which ever. That will be fine.

halestone said...

if you can't use google, what do you use? i haven't watched amazing grace, but i heard it was...amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Moriah!
I use Google. =D

Elrania Peredhil said...

yay! le hannon :)

Moriah said...

No problem!

Rachel M. said...

Thank you for tagging me, Moriah! :D
I'll get working as soon as I have the time to do so. ;)

God bless, dear sister!

Moriah said...

Glassen, Rachel! Elvish for, My Pleasure!

Marissa said...

Cool! I'll do it asap

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