Friday, May 29, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Thank you Elrania for tagging me with the 5 things tag! :)

5 things that make you smile-
Only Five, okay lets see..... God, Family, Friends, Reading, and Blogging!

5 things you would like to be able to do-
Play soccer on a team, Move to the country, Get a horse, Get tons of cats, and Get tons of dogs!

5 things that relax you-
God's word, Reading, Riding on a horse, Spending time with Mom and Dad, and Watching TV!

5 things that you enjoy doing-
Reading, Riding horses, Spending time with family, and Spending time with friends, and Blogging!

5 books that are your favorites-
Again only five! Well, The Bible, The Hobbit, Mara Daughter of the Nile, Bridge Called Hope, and Elsie Dinsmor!

5 foods that are your favorite-
Chocolate, Fried green tomato's, Heavenly broiled fish, Pudding Cake, and Fried chicken!

5 things that you spend much of your time doing-
School, Reading, Watching Tv, Computer (mainly blogging), and Sleeping!

5 things that you would like to do someday-
Become a wife/mother, Own a horse, Move to the country, Go to Paris France, and Be in choir!

5 things that you collect-
Those pennies you get from amusement parks, Penguins, Post cards, Patches, and Playing cards! (All of those started with the letter 'P' :)

5 songs that are your favorite-
Cinderella, Lotr soundtrack (as one), Amazing Grace, Come Thou Fount, and Approaching Days!

5 movies that are your favorite-
Lotr series (as one), Amazing grace, Narnia (both), The Patriot, and One Night with the King!

5 things that you did today-
School, Blog, Babysit, Watch Tv, and Wish I was asleep! (I stayed up 'till one A.M. last night, reading Lotr! ;))

5 things that you did yesterday-
School, Watch TV, Read, Sleep, and Eat!

5 things that you plan to do tomorrow-
Go to a graduation, Get ready for church, Spend time with friends, Watch Tv, Read, and stay up late!

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Haley said...

Hey Moriah,
Thank you for tagging me, it looks like a fun one! :) Yeah, sometimes I stay up extra late reading too. Last Wednesday night I turned my lamp off at 2:05! And, of course, I had been reading! I almost never stay up that late though! Well, now that I think of it, the only reason I was up so late was because I had had some cake, a cookie, and some coke at 11:30! I know, not a very wise thing to do. But hey, after all the men left and we had cleaned up I was, needless to say, very hungry! Anyway, thanks again!


Caleb said...

Haha, what do you guys usually do when the men are over, Haley? lol

Elránia Peredhil said...

I'm glad that you took the Asfaloth award! :)

Haley said...

Well, we usually watch a movie, but sometimes I read or write a letter in my room instead. Me and Lindsay play games sometimes too. :)


Elránia Peredhil said...

*giggles* I've tagged you again, but you don't have to post it right away :)

Joshua said...

Yikes!!! I've been tagged! lol I'll try to get around to it soon...;-)

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