Sunday, May 17, 2009

Horse tag!

Elrania from The life of a horse loving elf girl tagged me with this horse tag that she made! Le Hannon, Elrania

First of all, have you ever ridden a horse? Of course!

How old were you when you first rode a horse? I think I was four or five, although I'm not sure.

What is your favorite breed of horse? Mustang, and quarter.

When was the first time you cantered? I haven't really learned yet, I might of cantered on accident.

Have you ever fallen off? Nope, but I'm sure I will before everythings said and done!

What is your favorite weather to ride a horse in? Warm, breezy, and a bit sunny!

What is your favorite book about horses? Bridge Called Hope.

What is your favorite horse movie? Flicka

Arabian or Friesian? Arabian

Morgan or Quarter horse? Quarter

Appaloosa or Paint? Paint

English or Western? Western, I love it!

Draft horse or Pony? Both!

Lazy horses or horses that take off? In between.

Riding on the beach or trail rides? I gosh!!!! Both! :)

Clydesdale or Shire? Both.

How many years have you been riding? I don't have my own horse, but less than a year.

Be honest, were you ever afraid of horses? Yes, not to long ago.

What is the scariest moment you've had with a horse? When I was riding on the horses hips, and the horse went into a dead run, and the person in the saddle yelled I lost the stirrups!

This may sound silly, but do you like horses? I LOVE HORSES!

Who is your favorite horse from a movie? Shadow Fax and Kingly!

Who is your favorite horse in the whole world? Buddy.

Do you know many people who love horses? Sorta.

Do you like trail rides? Depends on the horse I'm on.

What words come to mind when you hear the word, 'horse'? Majestic, freedom, flying, beauty, country, awesome!

Even though this has nothing to do with horses, who are you going to tag? ALL horse lovers!


Hannah said...

Okay, so I've finished your blog button, but to put it on your blog, I need to get on our blog account. I've had to do that for several friends, (Alex, Bekah and Earwen) and they can tell you that I did nothing else on their account. Just change your password and then when I finish, change it back. I'll need your (changed)password and username.
I swear I won't do anything else.



Elrania Peredhil said...

you've been awarded! :)

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