Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Narnia tag!

Fav. Narnia Book? I've only read the first two, but out of those I like The lion, the witch , and the wardrobe better.

Fav. Character? Aslan, Lucy, Susan, Edmund, Peter, and Caspian

Fav. Pevensie? Ugh! That's a hard one. I have to say ALL! I like some in some ways and others in other ways.

Fav, King or Queen? Lucy, and Caspian.

Fav. Talking Animal? Aslan, Reepicheep, Philip

Fav. Gift from Father Christmas? Susan's bow and arrow

Fav. Weapon? Susan's bow and arrow

Fav. Badguy? Jadis and Nikabrik

Fav. "added scene" in movies? If you mean deleted scene, Caspian and Susan shotting arrows!

Fav outfit (in movie)? Lucy's and Susan's dress in Prince Caspian,. Susan's Battle Outfit.

Fav. Line or quote from book or movie? "That's because we have something in them" Said by Lucy to Peter!

“Not one like you,”

“Keep your life, but I am giving the Narnians back their kingdom.” Both said by Caspian.

~Mr. or Mrs. Beaver? Both

Orieus or Glenstorm? Who?

Peter or Edmund? Both

Susan or Lucy? Both, Susan for some of the things she does, and Lucy for hers.

Jadis or Miraz? Jadis

Jill or Eustace? Huh.

Drinian or Rynelf? Who?

Reepicheep or Trufflehunter? Reepicheep

Trumpkin or Nikabrik? Trumpkin

Polly or Digory? Polly

Bree or Hwin? who?

Aravis or Shasta? What?

Rilian or Tirian? Huh?

Coriakin (the magician) or Ramandu (the star)? Don't know who that are?

Any Narnia fans can have the tag!

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