Saturday, July 25, 2009


Child of God award! I'm so happy to have this award. Any Child of God may have this award!
Hehe! I'm going to award hm.. Maiden of Purity!
Okay, you're probably wondering why I have this award when I'm not even writing a book. Well, I recently started to write a book! *giggles* Anyway, I will award Marissa, Earwen, and Lucie!


Marissa said...

Your writing a book? Cool!!!! =)


Lucie Manette said...


Brooke said...

Hello! My name is Brooke and I too am from Texas. What part of Texas are you at? I'm from Killeen and have lived there for 11 years. I found your blog through one of my friends blog. It is always nice to meet someone who is also from Texas. Please feel free to check out my blog!

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