Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beautiful Girlhood #3

Keeping Up Acquaintance

"If God so loved us,
We also ought to love another."

Did you ever have a friend with whom it was hard to keep acquainted with? You parted on good terms and thought of her as a friend all the time, but when your met again you found that once more you must become acquainted. I have had such experiences, and found them
unsatisfactory. I would rather a friend be a friend all the time.

Sometimes we aren't acquainted with ourselves. We change so fast and our likes and dislikes change so fast that we get confused about what we are like. We act different, speak different, like different things, dislike different things, etc. (example) One day we'll like the color black and the next day we will absolutely hate it.

As we want to keep acquainted with our friends we must keep acquainted with ourselves and our mothers. Yes, our mothers! They play an important part in our lives. When we are blind they see that we need there help and they will guide us if we give them the chance. When we are changing, we are growing as well. Our arms will grow longer as will our legs. We may become clumsy. We will reach for a drink and spill it because our arms are longer than they were and we will have strength that we didn't have before. We also must keep acquainted with God. He is the one that will help us and stand by our side.

We need to strive to keep acquainted with our parents and with God in this time. We must listen to them when they are trying to teach us and help us through this trial. We will want to spend an hour in the morning fixing our hair, or we might say we can't do the ironing for Sunday because it might damage our hands. This is selfishness and our parents and most importantly God can help us through it.

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