Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Well, my Mom's birthday was yesterday! (July 10th) and this is what we did....

[Morning] My brother and I are doing a PE class with some of our friends and it happened to fall on my mom's birthday. So, we woke up and went to PE and as soon as my mom got out of the car everyone said 'Happy Birthday'! After we walked and jogged we had fudge pops, cake, and we sang 'happy birthday to you' to my mom. It was a very fun morning.

[Afternoon] When we got home we did a few chores and then it was lunch time! So, my dad went to get some Chinese food from one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. After lunch, my dad, brother, and I went gift shopping!

[Evening] When we got home my dad cooked what my mom had asked for, which was, Shrimp scampi! (hmmm) My mom opened her presents before we ate. My dad got her some dishes that she's been wanting, my brother got her a new bible case, and I got her the Duggar's book, 20 and counting, and the movie Pride and Prejudice. (Yes, my mom wanted the movie after we watched it! =D) After dinner, we had strawberry shortcake! (another hmmmm) After dinner and dessert we went to the movies and watched The Soloist.

Well, that's what we did! Happy Belated Birthday, Mom! ;)


Elr√°nia said...

Hi Moriah! I'm just responding to a comment you made on my blog: Yes I have read lotr! when I was 12. I'm reading it again though :)

Callie said...

sounds like fun! I also liked the cake at PE. :)

Spottedstar said...

mmmmmm. strawberry shortcake. i would kill for some of THAT.

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