Monday, July 27, 2009

My Artwork Part 1 [animals]

Cat's Eye, pastel
Another cat's eye, color pencil
Horse Head, pastel
Monarch butterfly, pastel
Dog's eye, color pencil
A rooster, pastel
And a raccoon, pastel!

As you can probably tell from the last few posts, I like to do art! :)


Marissa said...

Those are great Moriah! I love the horse one =)


Spottedstar said...

wow those are great! i especially like the second one of the cat's eye. really cool. and thanks again for the awards!

Katie said...

You are truly gifted in this area. I hope to see more of your work, which has all turned out absolutely beautiful! I hope you will continue using your art to glorify God.

Hannah said...

Those are good! I like the dog's eye and the butterfly the best. :)

Jake M. said...

Whoa! Nice work!
Your drawings looks awesome!
I like the horse one the best. :D


Rachel M. said...

How beautiful, Moriah! As Katie said earlier, you definitely have a gift in this area. very good job!

Blessings in Him,
Rachel M.

Eruanna said...


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