Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful Girlhood #4

Character Building
"Let every man take heed how he builds."

The most precious earthly treasure a girl can have is good character. Her character is what she really is. If she will look beyond what she appears to be, and what people think or say about her, and look at her heart fairly and honestly, judging herself by the standards of right and wrong to which her own conscience gives approval, then she can know whether she has a good character. Some girl will do just about anything to get the approval of her friends, but what she really needs to strive for is the approval of God!
Character isn't given to us, we have to build it up ourselves. Others may pour knowledge into our lives and may set before us the right standards and ideals, but we must do most of it.
Youth is the building time. From infancy to childhood material has been brought together that we may use in our building. There are books, movies, Cd's, tapes, and the list goes on of things that will help us, but the main help that we need is God. We need to go to God and ask him to help us walk, talk, and act, in a way pleasing to Him.
Character building is a serious undertaking. Satan doesn't want us to walk, talk, and act in a way pleasing to God. Satan will try to attack us in every way he can. We must be on our guard and fight to be pleasing to God.
Character-building goes on every day, for good or bad, each sees stone hewn straight and true, or misshapen and crooked. If temptations are resisted and and obstacles overcome, evil thoughts and feelings quenched, and kind and noble thoughts encouraged in their place, then a stone has been hewn for victory and right; but if temptations have been yielded to, and evil thought and feelings have been harbored and cultivated, if wrong motives have been allowed, then stone is unfit for a good building. The choices you make now build the character that shall be yours through life.
She who has an ideal character is first of all pure and true, then earnest and sincere, patient and gentle, and more ready to serve than to be served. It's easier to go against the traits above than it is to go with them. Bad character grows without effort, nut the consequences are bad.
We must go against Satan and what the culture says is 'cool'. We need to think W.W.J.D. What Would Jesus Do! Not W.W.W.D What Would the World Do. Follow God and His ways.

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