Monday, July 6, 2009


What are you doing right now?

Doing this tag.

Are you hungry?

Not really

What did you do last night?

Went Bowling with some friends

What was the last movie you watched?

John Adams

How many blog awards have you gotten?


Where do you wish you were right now?

With my friends!

When is your birthday?

September 2

What book are you reading right now?

The Fellowship of the Ring, Mere Christianity, Prince Caspian, A Young Woman's Walk with God, and Beautiful Girlhood.

Is it a good book?

They all are!

What is your favorite book?

I couldn't pick one! :)

What is your computer wallpaper of?

A field of Grass with a blue sky with clouds. (sighs)

Are you bored?


What are you doing tonight?

Hopefully watch more of the movie John Adams

What are you doing tomorrow night?


How many blogs do you have?

3 1/2 I help with one of my friends blogs!

Do you spend a lot of time on the computer?

Unfortunately Yes

How much time?


What is the title of this post?


When was the last time you rode a horse?

Last week

What color is the sky right now?

Blue white and a bit of gray

How many songs do you have on your playlist?

6 or 7

Do you want a horse when you're older?

I wont a horse right know ;)

What was the most recent blog award you've gotten?

The Eowyn fan award and the Arwen fan award.

How many people have you helped set up a blog?


Who helped you set up a blog?

Caleb and Katie

What is the title of your background?


Where did you get your background from?

Shabby Blogs

What template are you using?


How many items do you have on your desktop?


Do you have a cat?


What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Read, blog, and tv

What is your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?

Beach, and swim

Are you tired?

A bit

What are you going to do when you get off this computer?

Gimli vs. Trumpkin?


Gandalf vs. Professor Cornelius?


The White Witch vs. Saruman?

Hard one, I don't know

Gandalf vs. Aslan?

Aragorn vs. Aslan?
Hard choice but Aragorn

Narnia vs. Middle Earth?

Prince Caspian vs. Frodo?
These are hard! Frodo

Susan vs. Arwen?


Edmund vs. Merry?


Lucy vs. Pippin?

Peter vs. Haldir?


The Dancing Lawn vs. Lothlorien?

Lothlorien by far!

Centaurs vs. elves?


Peter's sword vs. Anduril?

Susan's magic bow and arrows vs. Legolas's bow of Galadrim?


Wargs vs. Werewolves?

The Witch's castle vs. The Tower of Barad-dur?


Gryphons vs. Eagles?

Uruk-hai vs. Telemarines?

Catapults vs. Oliphaunts?


Cair Paravel vs. Rivendell?
Rivendell, but I like them both!
I tag:
Any Lotr or Narnia fans! :)

Start Time: 1:53 P.M.

Name: Moriah
Sisters: 2
Brothers: 1
What are you wearing? Blue and Green shorts and a blue and white shirt
Favorite number: 7
Favorite drink: Tea
Favorite month? May or April
Favorite breakfast? Chocolate chip pancakes!
Love someone so much who made you cry? What?!
Broken a bone? Yep! 5 times.
Been in a police car? No
Been on a boat? Yes, it's so much fun
Came close to dying? Yes
Been in a hot tub?Yes
Swam in the ocean? DEFINITELY
Fallen asleep in school? Yes
Cried when someone dies? Yes
Fallen off a chair? Yes
Who did you last yell at? ???
Do you like filling theses out? Yes
Do you like yourself? Yes
--------------Today did you---------------
Talk to someone you like? Yes
Got sick? Of course I've gotten sick!
Sing? Yes
-------------------Last person who-----------------
You talked to on the phone with? My friends mom
Made you cry? ???
Went to the mall with? Anjali
Been to Europe? Unfortunately No
Been to Asia? Sadly No
Been to Russia? Again sadly no
Been to the Bahamas? Again unfortunately no
Been to Mexico? Yes
Been to Canada? sadly No
Been to Africa? sadly no
---------------------Final questions--------------------
What are you listening to? TH=he fan
Do you hate someone in your family? Of course not!
What car do you wish to have? Jeep Cherokee
Good singer? I guess
Indoors or Outdoors? If it's hot, indoor. If it's cool, outdoor.
Do you have a job? I watch our neighbors dogs when she's out of town.
Time finished: 2:01 P.M.

I tag:
Anyone who want's to do it!

What is your favorite book(s)?
I can't pick one!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
That's way too tough to answer!

If you could go to any fictional place where would you go?

Do you love to write or do you just like writing? or do you write at all?
I love to write!

What do you want to be when your a grown up?
What God calls me to be!

Favorite animal?
Horse, Dog, and cat!

Favorite song?
Also way too tough to answer!

Do you like school?

Are you people person?
Yes, of course!

Do you like to talk?
Yes, most of the time.

Favorite food?
This one is also way too hard to answer!

Reading, piano.......

Favorite Author?
C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien!

Favorite weapon?

Is this a fun tag or are you getting bored?

Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like High School Musical?
Absolutely NOT! No, No, and No!

What are you scared of?

Favorite flower?
Ah, any flowers! (sighs)

Do you always use the same password or do you use different ones?

almost over...

Do you like blogs?
Of course!

What is the expression on your face?

Are you going to tag anyone?

Color of your eyes?
Green I guess

ok finished the quiz...did you just sigh?

I tag:
Whoever what's to do it!

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